The Copper Orb – 1/2014

The following article is taken from the original announcement on in 1/2014.  Some extra assembly photos have been added here at the bottom of the page.


I’m happy to present the Copper Orb. It’s a LOWER order version of the vintage Parker Brothers puzzle “The Orb”. Instead of 4, 5 or 6 tracks of beads, it has only 3 tracks.

It has been plated with copper, and then sealed with Epoxy. A vintage orb donated beads for this puzzle.

The rows of beads have the following counts (8-16-8). The number of beads are dictated by the geometry, and the fact that the smallest rows have 8 beads.

This orb can stop in 2 positions BETWEEN each 180 degree turn.

This puzzle is actually a little more difficult than the 4 row Orb because there is no 90 degree position.

Thanks for looking!



These assembly photos were not included in the original announcement.


20140118_141017 20140126_135149 20140126_143132 20140126_161056 20140126_161521 20140126_161754 20140126_162105 20140126_162251 20140126_162534

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