Little Chop V2 – Successful Skirting Rails Mechanism – 11/2013

The following article is taken from the original announcement on in 11/2013.  Assembly photos have also been added at the end.

The first version of my Little Chop using skirting rails was promising, but in the end it was unstable. This version is stable! I’m very excited to have a working Little Chop using a unique mechanism.

This new version is 100mm instead of 67mm to an edge. The additional 33mm really do make the puzzle feel much larger, but they also make it stable, even allowing new structures inside that increase stability.

Jumbling on this puzzle is blocked by the mechanism, allowing some partial jumbling turns before blocking is complete.

You might notice in the photos that I have managed to scramble it in my excitement. See the deed in the video:

Video is uploading here.



To understand the skirting rails mechanism, please see the Pentultimate V2 article, and the Pentultimate V3 article first.

Also check out first version of the Little Chop for discussion of the mechanism.  The same skirting pattern was used on this puzzle, but the void master mechanism was much improved by making the puzzle larger.

Again, we can see the blocked equator here:


The following mechanism pictures were not included in the original post:

SGS4 722 SGS4 723 SGS4 724 SGS4 725 SGS4 726 SGS4 727SGS4 721

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