Pico Cube 9mm – Briefly the World’s Smallest Rubik’s Cube – 4/1/2010

This puzzle was posted on April 1st with an image containing “photoshop” in the name to make people think it was an April fool’s joke.
Here’s a picture of the new Picocube design with a thumb tack!


Hey everyone! As Dave said, this puzzle has been in the works for a long time. It’s fully functional, and yep, it’s real. :) Finally…

I couldn’t resist posting it on April 1st and adding Photoshop to the name. :) The irony is that the image was actually cropped and resized with Gimp. So as far as that goes…. April Fools! :)

Anyway, here’s another picture! It’s 9mm on an edge.

I’m hoping to get a macro lens video going soon.

This cube is less than a quarter!
This cube is less than a quarter!



Here are some making of images that weren’t included originally.

Picture1 003 copy Picture1 008 copy Picture1 014 copy Picture1 017 copy Picture1 025 copy Picture1 034 copy Picture1 046 copy Picture1 049 copy Picture1 050 copy Picture1 051 copy

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